About us

A legacy of excellence

ACE FBO is a distinguished ground-handling company with a legacy spanning nearly six decades in Iceland. Our core philosophy revolves around efficiency, professionalism and a warm and friendly approach. Our team comprises highly trained professionals, many of whom are experienced pilots equipped with exceptional language and technical skills. At ACE FBO, we go above and beyond the standard FBO handling services, offering a wide array of premium services to ensure a superior  experience.

About the ceo

Claudia Janse van Rensburg
As a commercial pilot with extensive financial and book-keeping experience. Claudia has been working at ACE FBO since 2021, and worked her way up, through the ranks, to Chief Executive Officer. Her attention to details and cheerful mood are always very popular with both clients and employees.

From her own words: 
"We look forward to serving you and wish you blue skies and tailwinds!"


At ACE FBO, our mission is to provide unmatched excellence in executive jet handling services. We are committed to ensuring the seamless and secure arrival, turnaround, and departure of your aircraft. We believe in simplifying travel for our clients, delivering personalized solutions, and setting the Icelandic standard for luxury aviation experiences.

Our vision at ACE FBO is to be the foremost choice in executive aviation handling services. We aim to continue our legacy of excellence by consistently exceeding the expectations of our clients, partners, and employees.


Established in 1965, ACEFBO Reykjavik ehf was first known as "Flight Services", which specialized in handling commercial aircrafts on Reykjavik airport. The son's founder changed the operation into servicing aircrafts travelling between Europe and North America, using Reykjavik as a tech stop.

After running the company for several decades, he finally sold the company in 2005 to an Icelandic entrepreneur, Hilmar Hilmarsson. The company then focused on servicing executive and military aircraft, becoming the first FBO in Iceland.
In 2015, Flight Services started a second FBO on Keflavik Airport and later rebranded to ACE FBO in 2017.

Today, ACE FBO specializes in delivering exceptional services to Executive Aircraft and Military customers on both Reykjavik and Keflavik airports. This service is made possible by a dedicated and passionate team that ensures ACE FBO remains a beacon of excellence in the Icelandic aviation industry. ACE FBO has continually enhanced the quality of its services, with an unwavering commitment to placing the customer at the center of its operations.